Q: Can I get a quote over the phone or online?

A: No. To insure that we give you an accurate quote, we need to visit your property in person. We will gladly provide you an in-person quote free of charge.

Q: Will you just come out and mow my lawn?

A: Yes, we will do a simple lawn mowing either one time or on a weekly basis.

Q: I need all sorts of things done to my yard. Do you offer more than just basic lawn mowing as part of weekly service?

A: Yes, we offer a complete range of services for our weekly customers that is covered in our four weekly packages. Please see the Weekly Service page for more information.

Q: Why would anyone want lawn care in the Winter?

A: In the Northwest the grass never really stops growing, it just slows down.  The Northwest is also known to get wind storms that will leave debris in your yard.  Our year round weekly customers get storm clean up and other extras included in there lawn care at no extra cost.  So for those that want a neat and clean yard year round, you need to have your lawn service come out year round.

Q: Do you offer every other week service?

A: No we do not offer every other week service.  Our packages are pro-rated so that you pay the same every month.  This covers the extra work done in spring and fall as well as well as winter and summer.

Q: Can I choose which services I would like on a weekly basis, or is it all or nothing?

A: You are free to choose which of the four packages we offer. Then if there is a one time service or you just want to let us tackle more we will make the adjustments. Please see the Weekly Service page for more information.

Q: Can you take care of my sprinklers? 

A: Yes, we will take care of your seasonal sprinkler maintenance.  At this time we do not install new sprinklers though.

Q: Do you accept debit or credit?

A: Yes, we accept all major credit and debit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express credit and debit cards.

Q: Do you service commercial accounts?

A: Yes, we service commercial and residential accounts.  Everything from houses to apartment buildings and store fronts.

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